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    SANYO eco provides the Economical range of elevators for both
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    SANYO eco has developed a state of art elevator machines which is compatible for Indian
    Environment, having Low Power Consumption.

The Features

“Elevate your Expectations for Creative Elevator Solutions”

Energy Efficient Range

SANYO eco gives up to 30% more energy efficient compared to other elevators, amongst our other energy efficient solutions make us a pioneer in eco-efficiency.

Advanced Technology & Design

We deliver high speed elevators with control algorithms technologies to avoid Shortening waiting times and reducing the probability of a long wait.

Quality & Safety

Our First goal is zero accidents: For all peoples of equipment made or serviced by us. Safety is top agenda for every Manufacturer & it is our strong belief that all accidents are preventable.

High Standard & Quick Delivery

At Present, Customers are looking for best value for money for every rupee they spend whilst maintaining the high standards expected from elevators and its quick delivery of services.

Durable & Low Maintenance

We are recognized as one of the Prominent Companies of a wide range of Elevators. To ensure its high durability, strength & Low Maintenance.

Auto- Leveling Accuracy

We aligns precisely with the nearest floor which allows for a smooth flow for wheelchairs and trolleys & its intelligently re-level to the nearest floor and the door opens automatically.

Elevator Cabin Ceiling with Stainless Steel Frame

Stainless Steel & Mild Steel False Ceiling offered by us are made from stainless steel which are used for both Residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Easy to install and maintain, these false ceilings are also used for reducing cubical content of room and hence help in to enhance the effectiveness of air conditioning system.

  • Hairline stainless steel framework, mirror stainless steel.
  • Top panel, arclyic lighting decoration.
  • Many styles and designs can be choosed.
  • Good quality and best price.

Created High-safety & High-stability performance of our Escalators

We offer and export: Indoor and Outdoor type escalators; Public transit and slim model escalators. By observing the concept of human-oriented design, we include our efforts for excellence in detail into the design and manufacture of every part. Through numerous tests and experiments, we have finally created high-safety and high-stability performance of our escalators, and our products will let you feel very comfortable and enjoy your free life.We always put environmental protection at an important strategic position, and save more space for you by using a new type of control system integrating converter and microcomputer-based control board. Besides, the drive system upgrades driving efficiency of the escalator greatly and guarantees environmental protection and high efficiency. We believe that functions of an escalator are not necessarily proportional to the operation complexity. Therefore, escalators designed by us apply an integrated structure, so that the equipment is more precise and more efficient and allows easier and more convenient commissioning.

The services

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Maintain and Repair Elevators

SANYO eco offers a range of services including servicing, maintenance, step overhaul, removals and on-site evaluations.

Conduct safety checks

We provide a professional service based on good workmanship, & Conduct safety checks required which is adopted throughout the company.

Maintenance Service.

SANYO eco take care on Service and maintenance on all escalator systems should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to ensure all parts and mechanisms are functioning correctly.

Spare Parts

The strong links we have with our suppliers give us the ability to sell or provide spare parts to clients and other companies at a competitive price.

Install, Upgrade, or Repair

We understand that your customers are the most important aspect of your business and therefore we work quickly & efficiency in order to reduce any disruption to your premises.

Fire Safety

The company adopts a good 'workmanship' philosophy throughout, which enables all projects to be completed both professionally & efficiently

We Adopt a good 'workmanship' philosophy throughout

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Power Efficient

About our work

SANYO eco has the flexibility to be able to design, supply, install and maintain almost any type of lift for residential, commercial, industrial or health care applications. We also have a large range of standard design lifts to suit many applications. It is our total commitment to strive to provide the best ongoing maintenance and service for our installations, enabling our many clients to reap the greatest efficiency in vertical and horizontal transportation needs within their buildings.

SANYO eco delas in Economical range of elevators for residential and commercial projects. SANYO eco has developed a state of art elevator machines which is compatible for indian environment, having low power consumption.

  • Janinder Kumar, Director

    "SANYO eco Elevator...the most dependable elevator entrance and cab manufacturer in the industry.Providing efficient and economic prices."

  • Gagandeep Kalra, General Manager

    "Always sure of receiving the best quality, dependable deliveries at very, very competitive prices. We look forward to successful business relationship."

  • Akash Barthwal, CEO Company

    Their response to SANYO eco Elevator needs have consistently met our requirements and expectations...(providing) excellent, efficient and economic prices.

  • Anurag Gupta, Manager

    Once again a huge thank you to SANYO eco and team, you have made our world so much easier here. We look forward to a long and successful business relationship”

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